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Jewelry Designs by Marchese creates handmade custom quality Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, 14K GF, and Swarovski Crystal Jewelry.

Located in Melbourne Beach, Florida, Jewelry Designs by Marchese specializes in quality handmade jewelry available at Fine Art and Craft Festivals throughout Florida.  Open houses available upon request.


Jewelry Designs by Marchese prides themselves in using only the finest quality products available.  We use Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Argentium Silver, and 14K Gold Filled materials. For those whom can no longer wear sterling silver due to allergic reactions to sterling silver, look no further, we can customize you a piece of jewelry using Argentium Sterling Silver, which is silver alloyed with metalloid germanium to inhibit tarnish and it is also hypo-allergenic.


We only use authentic Swarovski Crystals in our jewelry designs.  Deborah also prides herself in using hand crafted cabochons.  Stones and Semi-Precious stones are collected from around the world to be used in the jewelry pieces.  She performs all lapidary work herself, starting with raw stones that are slabbed, cut, ground and polished to their desired size, shape, and luster before being used in the desired finished jewelry piece.



Deborah is an artist located in Melbourne Beach, Florida, specializing in jewelry making and design.  Her unique pieces are created using a variety of techniques including: lapidary, wire wrapping, silversmith, chain maille, inlay, and filigree. 


Deborah grew up in a rural town in New Jersey (Sparta), where she attended high school and college.  She is the second of four children. Upon graduation from college she relocated to Cocoa Beach and entered into the corporate world while still retaining her true love and passion for jewelry designing and making.  She entered into the nuclear energy field where she worked in various supervisory roles for 25 years before retiring in 2005 and moving to the Melbourne Beach area.  Upon her retirement in 2005, Deborah was able to focus on her passion, making and designing jewelry. Deborah is a member of the Canaveral Mineral and Gem Society, and The American Gem Trade Association. Deborah is a student at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Georgia where she studies and attends sessions several times a year.


Deborah displays her work at Fine Art and Craft Festivals throughout Florida.  She is surrounded mainly by men as she has a husband, three boys, two grandsons and finally, a granddaughter!  Her other interests include auto racing and archery.  She was a successful competitive archer until injuries required her to give up competition in 1998.



To ensure you receive a quality piece of jewelry, we only use quality materials in our jewelry. Some of the materials used are:

Sterling Silver Wire
Sterling Silver  (.925) is used in my designs. Upon special request I will create your piece using Argentium Sterling Silver (.930) which is a hypo-allergenic sterling silver. I use Argentium Sterling Silver (.930) on all my handmade ear wires to eliminate any issues with those who react to Sterling Silver.

Fine Silver
Some of Deborah's creations are made using fine silver.  Fine silver is 99.9 percent silver.  Fine Silver does not tarnish, but is not used in all pieces as it is a softer and a more expensive metal.

14K Gold Filled Wire
Deborah only uses 14K Gold Filled wire to make her gold jewelry creations.  Gold filled products will wear and last just like 14K gold.

When crystals are incorporated into a piece, Deborah only uses authentic Swarovski crystals.

Deborah hand cuts, shapes, and polishes most cabochons that are used in her jewelry creations.  Precious and Semi-Precious stones are collected from around the world to be used in the jewelry pieces.  

Clasps are also of high-grade quality to allow for ease in putting on and removal.  If you prefer a different type of clasp, we can usually change it out for the type you prefer.


Don’t have pierced ear?  Or prefer posts or lever backs?  Most earrings we carry, for a nominal fee, can be modified to a clip-on, post, or lever backs. 

Jewelry Making
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